At Sandhurst Pre & Preparatory College we want to ensure that we afford the precious boys and girls entrusted to our care similar opportunities that will create special memories for them to value and treasure as we have stored within us the ability to do so.  Our internationally diverse, independent pre- & preparatory school will afford every boy and girl a specialist pre- & preparatory college learning environment, in the very heart of Sandton –

Class sizes will be kept to a maximum of 24 so that every child is able to blossom and grow. We help young people to become happy, confident and competent people of hope and personal integrity, with a deep sense of justice and compassion, and with a sense of social responsibility to positively contribute to and transform the world around them.

We are united around a set of values that shape our vision and practice of education. We offer a wide range of extra-mural activities to enhance and consolidate your child’s learning. These include: Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Netball and Swimming as well as PE.

Top quality facilities and excellently maintained buildings and grounds provide a safe and proactive learning environment for all learners.

We have a fantastic community of graduate, skilled, passionate teachers, most ably assisted by a team of trained support staff, committed to building upon the numerous skills you have instilled and nurtured in your child at home.

It is our aim to develop a successful partnership with you to enhance and consolidate the academic, social and moral education of your child, while affording each child the opportunity to learn in a family environment where every child is known and celebrated for their unique strengths and abilities.

We offer a wide range of educational experiences based on a progressive curriculum aligned with CAPS. This is a place of learning where acceptance and belonging prevail. We help young people to be constant and fearless.

Our boys and girls are happy, confident and competent people of hope and personal integrity. They portray a deep sense of justice and compassion, and a sense of social responsibility in order to positively contribute to; and transform the world.

At Sandhurst Pre & Preparatory College, we provide a foundation for life in a nurturing, intimate school environment, where all individuals have high expectations of themselves, respect each other and fullfil their true personal potential.

We are a school community comprised of children, staff, parents and directors and we are all proud to belong to this extended, caring family.

Simply put, we hope and believe that all children and parents of our school community will come to regard the years spent here at Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College as enjoyable, valuable, purposeful and productive – years that they will treasure for a lifetime.

The only way to truly experience the friendly, caring atmosphere of the school and the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff is to see it yourself. We sincerely hope that the benefits of selecting this as your school of choice will be made clear when you come to visit us. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment to look round the school. You will be welcome any Tuesday, or Thursday at 9h00 to view our very special school community.

Here at Sandhurst Pre & Preparatory College we focus on the individual child. We take great pride in the achievements of each girl and boy.

Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College – 81a Olympia Avenue, Glenadrienne, 2196.

Co-curricular activities include: Art,Class Music, Recorders, Computers, Zulu, Drama,  PE, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Netball, Swimming and Tennis

Extra murals include: Dance Mouse, Little Tigers Karate, Playball, Little Lab Coats – science club, Piano and Music Theory

Internationally diverse, independent school in the heart of Sandton. Registered with ISASA and the GDE